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InVesta Services provides a full suite of offerings associated with investing in and managing tax related assets.  These service offerings manage the entire lifecycle of the investment from acquisition through servicing and if necessary through disposition of an asset.  These service offerings are available to both our investors as well as tax officials that prefer to outsource certain aspects of the tax collection activity. These offerings include:

Acquisition, Asset Management & Disposition

InVesta Services’ asset management objective is the process of overseeing tax lien and tax deeds investment performance until each investment is repaid with the goal of meeting the specific requirements of the law while retaining value for the owner, county, municipality and school system.  The company oversees the entire lifecycle of the investment from acquisition to servicing and in certain instances to property disposition, if necessary.

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Tax Lien Servicing

InVesta offers servicing for governments as well as investors.

InVesta Services and its management team have directly serviced over $1.7 billion of liens on behalf of tax officials in counties, municipalities and school systems. 

However, if tax officials prefer to keep the collection process in-house, InVesta can accommodate this request at the same funding level. 

The experience of InVesta brings direct benefit to governments specifically by funding delinquent property tax lien portfolios which creates instant revenues.  This in turn assists with demonstrating consistently high collection rates which leads to higher credit ratings; resulting in lower interest rates when borrowing and issuing bonds.

Automated Account Services

InVesta Services maintains an extensive database of tax liens and deeds relating to InVesta Services and its affiliates’ portfolios. Banks, mortgage-servicing companies, closing attorneys and title insurance companies use InVesta’s timely, efficient web – based process to obtain immediate title, cancellation and payoff information.

Over 2,500 lenders and real estate business entities have accounts with InVesta, providing immediate payoff information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Annually, InVesta responds to more than 10,000 requests for property reports from the real estate, mortgage and legal business community. Our easy access web-based data gives our clients the information they need when they need it.

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