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Why InVesta?

Governments want to work with companies that provide their constituents with services that are best in class.  InVesta Services offers exceptional services to both the governments that it works with as well as to those governments' constituents.

The company delivers millions of dollars of operating revenue to the governmental authority annually by purchasing delinquent property tax receivables at their full value. There are no upfront, additional or future costs.   When servicing the assets directly InVesta can provide services to the government’s constituencies that typically the government cannot, including payment plans to delinquent tax payers.

Determining the amount of funding InVesta Services can provide is simple; the delinquent property tax file is analyzed to determine a preliminary funding amount. Upon agreement of intent to transfer, InVesta Services will commence complete due diligence and provide a final funding amount for transfer. This process can be completed within a four week period.

Benefits to You


  • InVesta Services’ staff has significant experience having purchased over 536,000 tax liens and deeds valued at over $1.7 billion and has been an integral part of some of the largest, most complex and innovative tax lien fundings in the industry.

  • InVesta’s strong balance sheet and banking affiliations guarantee immediate delivery of agreed upon funding amounts. 

  • InVesta’s technology platform is unmatched in the industry producing exceptional acquisition, management and reporting capabilities.


  • InVesta Services turns delinquent property tax lien portfolios into instant revenues for counties, municipalities and school systems.

  • These otherwise uncollected revenues supply current fiscal year funding to counties, municipalities and school systems for teachers, police, fire departments, libraries, health care and other necessary services.

  • Eliminating the gap between taxes levied and revenue received allows counties, cities and school systems to budget consistently without the worry of fluctuating collection rates. 

  • Demonstrating consistently high collection rates leads to higher credit ratings; resulting in lower interest rates when borrowing and issuing bonds.

  • InVesta Services approaches each lien individually, which allows InVesta to fund liens that are considered difficult to collect, such as those in bankruptcy or litigation.

  • Current and previous year liens can be purchased.

  • InVesta Services receives only the statutory interest and fees allowed by law.

  • Learn more about our funding process.


  • InVesta relieves the tax official’s office of the burden of collecting delinquent property taxes, freeing up valuable staff time. However, if the tax officials prefers to keep the collection process in-house, InVesta can accommodate this request at the same funding level.

  • InVesta retains ownership of the entire lien portfolio through its servicing life.

  • InVesta’s experienced staff and proven processes guarantee a seamless transition of the lien portfolio between the tax official’s office and InVesta Services.

  • Tax officials are provided direct access to real-time payment status information via InVesta’s secure website. Taxpayers are provided detailed payoff information promptly upon request.

  • Banks, mortgage-servicing companies, closing attorneys and title insurance companies are familiar with and use InVesta’s timely, efficient web – based process to obtain immediate title, cancellation and payoff information. Over 2,500 lenders and real estate business entities have accounts with InVesta, enabling their access to immediate payoff information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Annually, the company responds to more than 10,000 requests for information from the legal, mortgage and real estate business community.

  • It is InVesta’s policy not to purchase tax liens on properties owned by seniors with homestead exemptions. Historically, over 85% of liens are filed on properties without homestead exemptions.

  • Tax officials' requests for exceptions from the transfer are always accommodated.

  • For residential taxpayers who find themselves in financial distress, InVesta offers flexible payment arrangements.  For commercial taxpayers, the company provides payment strategies that work with the owner’s business plan. In many jurisdictions, taxpayers actually request that InVesta purchase their liens as they need the safety net of an arrangement that avoids foreclosure.

With InVesta Services’ flexibility and financial resources, tax officials have available the tool of delinquent tax lien funding from one of the best and most experienced firms in the industry.  From large metro counties such as Fulton and Gwinnett in Georgia to small cities with their own tax collecting officials, InVesta is proud to provide references from tax officials that we have successfully assisted since 1998.

Some of Our Clients

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