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About Us

InVesta Services is an experienced team of professionals that have combined disciplines to create a company focused on tax lien investing.  Drawing on real estate, legal, technology, and capital markets backgrounds, the team has created a company with a stable balance sheet that has consistently delivered superior results to both its government clients as well as its financial investors.  Tax lien investing requires a great deal of expertise to understand the underlying collateral, the state laws that support each government’s legal framework, and a technology platform to support the due diligence and servicing of the individual investments whether acting simply as an investor or as a servicer on behalf of a governmental entity.


InVesta Services and its management team have worked with some of the largest institutions in the country including Bank Atlantic, JP Morgan Chase and several hedge funds and private equity firms.  We have also worked with over 100 cities, counties and municipalities throughout the United States in an effort to help them operate the business of government more efficiently.


At the end of the day good tax collecting benefits everyone for three reasons:

  • It provides instant and necessary revenue for governments to operate.

  • It demonstrates consistently high collection rates which leads to higher government credit ratings which...

  • Can result in lower interest rates for governments when borrowing and issuing bonds. 

In certain instances where InVesta also participates in a servicing capacity, this private enterprise can further benefit government by reducing staffing and operating costs by using a state of the art technology platform and can further benefit government constituents by offering payment plans outside the scope and ability of the government.

Good Tax Collections Benefit Everyone

Arthur Ferdinand  Fulton County Tax Commissioner

As the Fulton County Tax Commissioner, I am elected to collect taxes in Fulton County. I am mindful in my decisions that efficient and good tax collections benefit everyone. Because Fulton County operations rely primarily on property taxes, collecting taxes takes on a whole new meaning. It means jobs in Fulton County; it means being able to afford to provide services to Fulton County residents; to be able to fund Grady Hospital; to contribute to the arts; to maintain the health and safety of the general public; and to insure that our schools are well funded for our children’s benefit. Quite simply, it means being able to improve the quality of life for all of Fulton County citizens.

During this economic downturn Fulton County was fortunate to have weathered the storm without having to raise millage rates, cut services, or lay off staff. A combination of high performance tax collections and skilled budget decisions by the Board of Commissioners is the key to this good fortune, while other metro counties and the state struggle to balance budgets ...

John E. Ramsey


John Ramsey has captained the InVesta team’s growth over the past 25 years from an initial Fulton County lien purchase of $2M in 1998 to more than $500M in metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.  Mr. Ramsey oversees all of the company’s operations, and has spearheaded the company’s expansion into Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri and West Virginia. He remains focused on optimizing the firm’s allocation of capital and human resources to ensure that InVesta maintains a standard of excellence in every market it serves. 


In September 1995, Mr. Ramsey served as Executive Vice President of Affiliate Branches and General Counsel for Capital Asset Research Corporation. His areas of responsibility included managing affiliate and field operations, business development, investor relations and coordinating the firm’s legal work. 


From 1982 to 1992 Mr. Ramsey practiced law with Kutak, Rock & Campbell in Atlanta GA and subsequently from 1992-1995 with Long, Aldridge & Norman also in Atlanta, primarily in the area of municipal finance.  As a municipal bond attorney Mr. Ramsey spent over 10 years representing both issuers and underwriters of municipal debt. His experience includes the financial structuring for capital expansions and equipment needs and restructuring of existing indebtedness for both governmental units and 501 (c)(3) organizations.  In his present role at InVesta, he remains actively involved in legal matters pertaining to the company’s specialized business activities.


JD, University of Georgia Law School, 1985, cum laude

BA, Business Administration and History, Vanderbilt University, 1979, cum laude

Meet the Team

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