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Taxpayers & Property Owners

When InVesta Services acts in a servicing capacity on behalf of the tax officials the company can provide a safety net to the delinquent tax payers by offering flexible payment arrangements, which most government entities do not provide.  For residential taxpayers who find themselves in financial distress, InVesta offers payment arrangements that cannot be offered by traditional collection methods. For commercial taxpayers, InVesta can provide payment strategies that work with the owner’s business plan.

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Delinquent Tax Info

Property owners can request lien balances and payoff information by phone or by filling out an Owner Request Form.

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Payment Plans

To request a payment plan, please contact InVesta Services directly.  All contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

Or, to start the process, please fill out the Information Request Form.

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Most questions regarding InVesta Services payment policies and plans can be addressed by navigating to the FAQ page.

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