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Funding Process

InVesta Services’ asset management objective is the process of overseeing tax lien and tax deeds investment performance until each investment is repaid with the goal of meeting the specific requirements of the law while retaining value for the owner, county, municipality and school system.  The company oversees the entire lifecycle of the investment from acquisition to servicing and in certain instances to property disposition, if necessary.

Our Funding Process

The process to determine the amount of funding InVesta Services can provide is simple:
  • The delinquent property tax file is analyzed to determine a preliminary funding amount based on primary selection criteria for targeted properties;

  • After initial screening is completed the remaining properties are placed in an inspection pool;

  • This process and funding can be completed within a four-week period or less depending on the size of each portfolio;

  • The company uses a proprietary due diligence platform for evaluating tax lien and tax deed acquisitions.

  • The company utilizes a disciplined team of real estate tax lien and tax deed experts with 329 years of diverse experience including legal, residential and commercial real estate investment and management.

  • The team retains in depth market knowledge regarding specific markets and jurisdictions.

  • InVesta’s technology platform provides enhanced market insights and knowledge of specific markets and underlying values.

  • The company also has numerous relationships to assist in the due diligence, underwriting and management of specific pools of assets.

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