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Attorneys, Lenders and Title Companies

InVesta Services maintains an extensive database of tax liens and deeds relating to InVesta Services and its affiliates’ portfolios. Banks, mortgage-servicing companies, closing attorneys and title insurance companies use InVesta’s timely, efficient web – based process to obtain immediate title, cancellation and payoff information. Over 2,500 lenders and real estate business entities have accounts with InVesta, providing immediate payoff information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Annually, InVesta responds to more than 10,000 requests for property reports from the real estate, mortgage and legal business community. Our easy access web-based data gives our clients the information they need when they need it.

Opening an Account

Establishing an account directly with InVesta Services is quick and simple; click the button below to complete an Account Application. When processed, information and directions to log on to the web-based system will be emailed to you.

There is no fee for opening an account and no maintenance fee.

Property Reports

These reports will show the status of all liens held by InVesta Services, including payoff amounts as applicable. If InVesta Services holds a tax deed, information on the tax deed will be displayed as well.


Info Account Holders: $35 per report
One-Time Requests: $40 per report *

We do not charge multiple times for the same information. For example, refreshing the web page will not result in multiple fees. However, if any information on the property report changes, a new fee will be charged. To avoid multiple charges, a list of recent requests made through your account is visible on the site. Prior to displaying a property report, notice will be given as to whether or not your account will be charged.

Below are some examples involving multiple requests illustrating our billing policy:

  • If a property report is requested through the 15th of the month, and then a second property report is requested on the 16th of the month or after on the same property, a fee will be charged for both reports.

  • If two different users of your account request a property report for the 15th of the month on the same property, only one fee will be charged. This is true even if the requests are made on different days, as long as the reports are good through the same date. 

  • In the above example, two fees will be charged if during the time between the two requests, the content of the report changes. For example, if InVesta Services receives a payment between the two requests, there will be a fee charged for both reports.

* These are typically one time requests that can be picked up in person, emailed or mailed

Monthly Invoices

Account invoices will be sent monthly on the first week of each month. The last day of each month is the due date for payment. If the invoice remains unpaid, the account will be considered in default and additional requests will not be completed until the delinquent invoices are paid. The account will be reactivated when brought current. Repeated delinquencies may result in account termination.

Multiple User Accounts

The log-in information that InVesta Services provides is known as the Master User Account. You may request property reports, as well as view account history and detail using this account. However, if you have more than one individual requesting information, you may give each individual his own user account from the Registered Users page under the Account Maintenance. Your company will have control over who can request information using your account, and will know who made requests once the account has been billed.

The Information Account Web Site is a quick and convenient method for addressing your information needs. If you have any questions relating to these account policies, please contact InVesta Services by email at

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