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Technology Advantage

At the heart of InVesta’s expertise is a technology platform that operates a suite of applications developed in-house to manage the acquisition and servicing of tax liens and tax deeds.  The system consists of:

(i) field devices to assist in acquisition due diligence

(ii) end-user programs that handle day-to-day activities

(iii) websites to allow monitoring and reporting for outside parties

(iv) utility applications for administrative tasks

(v) stored database routines for special purposes

The system handles the entire lifecycle of tax liens and tax deeds, from the initial diligence to the management and disposition of any REO.  The core of the system handles the calculation of the redemptive value of the asset, which can be very complex.  Each jurisdiction can have its own rules about calculating the amount, and because in some cases tax liens and tax deeds are purchased individually, the parameters for calculating the redemption value can vary from asset to asset.   The system is also capable of providing real-time status information and payoff amounts as well the state of an asset pool at any point in time.  Finally, the system provides industry standard reporting available at every level to provide feedback on the performance and evolving characteristics of each pool.

Utilizing this experienced team and robust technology platform InVesta Services can customize an asset management program specific to each of its clients.

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